Carmen  Janusch

Awarded the Kodak European Award for her "outstanding creative work" at an early age, the German-born photographer Carmen Janusch has since made a name for herself both commercially - in fashion and advertising - and artistically with numerous successful international exhibitions. The main body of her non-commercial work: "a girl's best friend", "give me your blood", "save our sperm", is a creatively intelligent play on the pitfalls of our materialistic consumerism. Critically, and with an enormous sense of irony, she confronts us with the weaker points in our today's world, expressing her distaste of the "more, more & give me more" syndrome that obsessively forms our lives. A highly creative vagabond between the "to have or have not" she illuminates that part of our lives that we don't always want to reach...

Paula Domzalski, Feb. 2008, London

save our sperm  •  a girl's best friend  •  green beast  •  des kaisers neue kleider  •  fall out  •  love  •  je t'aime  •  give me your blood.

C-Prints 125 x 100 cm.

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